Non Qualified Mortgage Loans by Compadre Brokers 

Every loan counts.  That's why we offer make sense loans for those clients that don't meet conforming guidelines. 

Underwriting for self-employed borrowers and investment based applicants with loan to values as high as 90%. Bank statement verification of income and declining asset qualification programs allow us to provide common sense lending to an increasingly diverse market.

Non QM

• Full Documentation loans up to 55% DTI

• 90% LTV No MI to $1.5 Million Loan Amount

• Non Warrantable Condo up to 80% LTV

• 12 month or 24 month bank statement program

• Interest Only Options

• Use assets as income up to 60% LTV

Non Traditional Jumbo

• Up to 95% LTV NO MI to $1.5 Million

• Up to 90% Cash Out Jumbo

• Minimum Fico 600

• DTI to 50% 

Portfolio ARM - Asset Based

• Use P&L for income verification to 70% LTV (no tax returns)

• BK 3 years

• Short Sale 2 years

• Foreign National Loans to 60% LTV on Purchase

• Aggressive 7/1 ARM

For more information about our non traditional mortgage programs, call us at 760-385-8660