One Time Close Manufactured Home Construction to Permanent Mortgage

Single close loan home construction including lot purchase. No re-qualification or second appraisal. Now underwriting conventional loans for exceptionally qualified applicants

Own your land and are ready to build? Been talking to builders and the uncertain cost and risk with hard to locate construction loans is just too much? Manufactured Homes may be the answer. Why worry about re-qualifying or incurring additional costs? This program offers an all-in-one financing option for construction, lot purchase and permanent mortgage funding with on closing.

Because the permanent loan is closed before construction begins, there is no need to re-qualify, simplifying the construction and purchase process.

manufacture-home-construction-loanOne Time Close Manufactured Home Loan combines land purchase and new manufactured home home construction. California's Best Manufactured Home and Land Construction Finance Program

An all inclusive manufactured home and land purchase and construction loan. The acquisition or payoff of the land and construction of your new home are all combined into a single close loan. No re-qualifying. No second-appraisal. No second set of closing costs. Ideal for home replacement in qualified home owners associations. 

Your Land Equity is Your Down Payment

Our exclusive new manufactured home and land construction program is backed by an easy to qualify for FHA loan designed for California. A conventional option is available with Freddie Mac underwriting. VA and USDA programs are available.  Yes, your equity in your land can be your down payment on a new home plus all the costs of construction. Once all construction is complete, your loan is simply modified to your permanent loan. 

Planning - We work with you to put together the perfect land and home combination. Home selection and site planning go hand in hand during your planning stage. Once we have an idea of your total costs, we can provide you early loan approval and estimates plus home buying options. 

Preparation - Engineering, permitting and hard cost budget documentation and contract plus your final home purchase agreement

Loan Process - Underwriting, appraisal  and title work completed. 

Closing - Your loan is closed before construction begins. Any existing liens on the land are paid off  and construction can begin. 

Construction - Construction is completed and is paid in up to three draws.

Modification - Construction is finished and your loan is converted to your new permanent loan. 

For more information about our One Time Close Loan, call.  This program is available through our company and retailers in our approved network. 

Financing eligibility

FHLMC, FHA, USDA, and VA options

Maximum LTV

  • Freddie Mac Declining or No MI (78% LTV)
  • FHA 96.5% 
  • USDA 100% of market value
  • VA 100% not including the VA funding fee


  • 620 Minimum Credit Score FHA
  • 700 Minimum Credit Score Conventional 80% LTV - 720 Credit to 90% LTV
  •  In House Automated Underwriting

Eligible terms

  • FHLMC: 15 and 30 year fully amortized fixed
  • FHA: 15 and 30 year fully amortized fixed 
  • USDA: 30 year fully amortized fixed
  • VA: 15 and 30 year fully amortized fixed

Manufactured Home Construction Draws

  • Land payoff at closing
  • Foundation
  • Home Delivery
  • Final

Program Highlights

  • No payments due during construction
  • No re-qualification or re-verification for borrower once construction is complete
  • Single closing reduces cost
  • Single construction fee added to cost and loan basis

Expert planning and consultation. Operating in partnership with Compadre Brokers Real Estate. For more information call 760-385-8660. 

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