Non-Conforming Land Owned Manufactured Home Loans

California mortgage loans for Pre-HUD mobile homes in manufactured homes that don't meet conventional or government loans guidelines.

Manufactured homes have been part of the California housing fabric for over 50 years. Many of these older homes have been remodeled and continue to hold their value. We offer financing for a few of these homes in select home owners associations and on privately owned land.

 Purchase, refinance or take cash out to remodel a Pre-HUD home in an approved land owned condominium community or planned unit development 

Portfolio loan program for Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes on land that are not eligible for conventional or government financing. Available for manufactured homes that have been moved from their original location, homes that are not on a permanent foundation on private property and in approved condominium communities and planned unit developments (PUD.) Pre-HUD available in approved communities.

Guidelines for manufactured home construction on land are written by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and to be eligible for financing the home must be at the original delivery location and installed on an engineered permanent foundation and only for HUD Code Homes (built after June 1976.)   Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and VA follow the HUD guidelines without exception. This makes thousands of manufactured homes "cash only" when it comes time to sell.  Until Now!

20 year mortgages now available to 95% LTV for HUD Code manufactured homes that have been relocated to private land. The home can have been previously located in a mobile home park or another private parcel. Conversion to real property designation with county at closing with 433 filing preferred. Eligible for urban and rural locations. Comparable sales required for appraisal. 

Non Conforming and Pre-HUD loans in approved Home Owners Associations and Condo Communities

Many older and non-permanent foundation manufactured homes in land owned home owners associations can now benefit from our non-conforming program. Available in approved California manufactured home condominium and planned unit development Home Owners Associations

Program Highlights

  • 5% down options
  • 700 Fico Minimum
  • 20 year loan terms
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Pre-approval required
  • Separate property underwriting

Complimentary evaluation of any property. Research may be required. For more information, call us. 


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